QA Executive

Job Category : QC

Job Type : Full Time

Qualification : Bachelor

Position Summary :

Ensure the quality of finished goods produced in a given shift ofoperation (Noodle, Snacks, & Accessories).Assure the operation of entire processes and products  as per standard SOP so that the products meet the quality standards.

Job Description

  1. Ensure Plant Operation as per SOP and recipe control:

Assure the processes and products are within quality standards by:

  1. Proximate analysis of final product variety wise
  2. Frying oil quality analysis
  • Sensory evaluation of products and report preparation
  1. Quality status should be as per standard quality parameters. Weight, leakage, counting of packets, batch codes printing should be as per standard SOP.
  2. Quantity of ingredients used for dough preparation, soup preparation and bhujiya blending should be as per standard recipe and production process should be ensured as per standard SOP.


  1. Maintain Plant sanitation and personnel hygiene:

Sanitation/hygienic condition should be in proper condition which is to be checked through daily sanitation checklists.Monitoring& guiding the concern supervisors for maintaining hygiene and sanitation condition of the plant which should be ≤ 3 in terms of scoring.



  1. Product analysis and report preparation:

Sensory, Chemical & Physical analysis of semi-finished & finished products should be carried out regularly as per SOP and QA report to be prepared. 

  1. Study of product life cycle and market complain:

Product shelf life should be studied regarding the product behavior during its life cycle.

Consumer complaints should be analyzed and corrective measures should be implemented.

  1. Co-ordination with Production Department:

Provide regular and timely feedback to concern production shift in-charge to:

  1. Minimize the process loss & wastage generation.
  2. Take immediate corrective action on any variation on the production process.
  • Maintain the proper hygienic condition inside plant and to ensure all workers wear cap, masks, apron and gloves (as per requirement) and their exposed body parts are clean.
  1. Dispose the unusable wastage in specified area in proper order by checking its quality


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