Production Executive

Job Category : Technical

Job Type : Full Time

Qualification : Bachelor

Position Summary :

Ensure achieving production target with maximum productivity in a given shift of operation by proper planning and management of required resources man power, materials and machine in coordination with other concerned departments.

Job Description

  1. Daily Shift wise target achievement:
  2. Noodle: 70gm variety: 2,000 ctn. /shift in 60 pkt. and 35gm variety: 2400 ctn. /shift in 60 pkt.
  3. Productivity achievement:

Noodle: i) 70g variety: ≥92 %, ii) 35g variety; ≥91.5%                                

  1. Process loss & wastage generation control:

Total process loss: ≤1.0%,            

Usable bhujiya generation: ≤6.0%,            

Wrapper Wastage: ≤ 4.50%

  1. Manpower Management:

Use standard manpower head for all operation activities.

Prepare the duty schedule of operators and supervisors.

Allocate fix manpower in critical areas for effective operations.

  1. Production Reports:

Prepare Shift-wise production report.

Cross Checking and verification of reports generated by sub ordinates from different sections like batch report, oil consumption report, soup preparation report, break down report, wrapper wastage report, bhujiya generation report etc.

  1. Hygiene, sanitation & Safety:

Monitor hygiene and sanitation of the plant.

Proper Handling of useable wastages and its storage in hygienic manner.

Disposal of unusable wastage in specified area in proper order consulting QCD as per SOP.

  1. Material management:
  • Ensure that requisite production materials such as soup, seasoning, twin packets, CB Boxes, Wrappers etc are available as per production planning.
  • Make sure that the supervisors separate the various categories of bhujiya, twin packets and are kept separately.
  • Make sure that the shift supervisors correctly handover the useable bhujiya after each shift to the snacks section and with correct weighed data.
  • Make sure the use of issue slip during materials issue from store section . If need to return more stock lying in floor make use of return slip.


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