Quality Control - Incharge

Job Category : QC

Job Type : Full Time

Qualification : Bachelor

Position Summary :

QC Incharge

The QC Incharge shall be the key responsible person for all product quality related issues of the company including quality assurance of products, compliance to all system requirements, fullest consumer satisfaction, Consistency of quality, liaison, advocacy and representation in quality based issues and T&D.

Job Description

- QA Registers Maintained; Samples are  analyzed, reported and corrective/preventive actions taken.

- State of FSMS, HACCP, ISO and other safety and health/hygiene requirements are analyzed and improved.

- Timely and error free report, generation, preparation and submission.

- SOPs are developed, implemented and actions taken based on the findings.

- Training plan is made, courses are designed, trainings are delivered and effectively conducted follow ups.

- Timely calibration of all needful lab equipments and mandatory external calibration is conducted. 

- Necessary R&D or routine Quality Control tasks are conducted with the reagents acquired

- Standards are set and activities are directed towards its achievement as per management policy.


Process to apply job


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